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It's a bit cooler up North in Portland, but I keep my car in the garage and it's about 65 F. Flex sensor is reading 80% Ethanol and I know I've had a few long starts as it's cooled off outside. But for the most part things haven't been an issue. I just had my HPFP replaced a few months back and I'm also running the FFTEC booster pump.

Didn't you get the booster pump before Shift S3ctor?

For those who don't know, I run PROcede Flashed with PROcede Flex Fuel, PROcede Rev 3 with 100% Methanol PWM enabled all the time...

If you're car is out in the cold, I would be dropping back to 60% Ethanol. Shouldn't have any issues at 60%. Also, you can try making your AFR's richer at startup. You may want to let your car sit and run for a bit to warm up.