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Problem with M3 subframe bushings..

Being impatient to install my m3 bushings (my appointment was for 1.02.2013 at known installer but an hour away from where I live, we don't have any good local BMW tuners), I took a reasonable offer from local mechanic that works on VW and Audis, he told me he checked and he know how to do it and also has the specific tool for the job. Drop the car in the morning, he calls me at 6pm "you got to pick up that car I can't deal with it anymore.... those bushings don't wanna go in all the way..." I was like WTF...
I went there and I see he got the car ready but all the bushings were sticking out like half an inch see the pic.... I dont know what he used to put them in but he told me he tried everything and they dont wanna go in anymore...He didn't have the specific tool needed for the job, he lied to me. He was very upset and told me to just take that f.... car out of his sight. So now all m3 bushings need to be pressed another half an inch, but no one wants to finish something someone else started plus its Christmas. Anyone else with M3 bushings install problems cause I did search but couldn't find anything? The front ones are installed from the top as they supposed to and the rear ones from the bottom. Learn my lesson. If have to do specific install make sure stuck with people you know can do the job. Im gona try fixing it myself tomorrow, I was thinking maybe the problem is cold weather making rubber stiffer... Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!
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