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A couple of weeks ago I came upon a thread in the exterior for sale section for some LCI tail lights for my E92. The OP (who wishes to be anonymous) was selling the tail lights for a friend (Mike) had positive i-trader of I believe 7, so I felt good about the deal. Basically everything OP was being relayed by Mike. So I get Mike's number from OP, we talk on the phone and everything seems to be going well. I ask him about the tail lights and the condition because I notice the picture in the thread was blurry. He assures me they're in "perfect condition".

After the phone call I decide this deal is too good to sit on and I pull the trigger at $433 shipped. Actually my GF accepted to split the cost with it and it'd be my Xmas present. I open up PayPal to send the money and made sure the other party is a verified member, he was indeed a "premier" member. Mike sends me a picture of the tail lights in the box, shot wasn't that clear then multiple photos of the box and tracking information. I made sure he got insurance as well for $400.

So I get the tail lights being excited like a little school girl and my face immediately drops as I pick up an out piece. A 4-5 inch crack is staring at me in the face. I take out the packaging and take a look at every piece. They look old, tired, and beaten inside and out. In all four pieces there seems to be water damage. This looks like old dried up residue inside the lense. They looked awful.

So I text Mike and tell him that I want a refund and will ship him his lights back. He replies to me with things like "I said no refunds" (never said that) and "you're not getting your money back", things of that nature. I immediately file a PayPal claim and now notice the member is unverified. On top of all this it turns out Mike used his friends (not OP, his name is Dan) PayPal address and shipped it out using his friends information as well.

So his friend Dan (PayPal account owner) contacts me and tells me that his PayPal account is no longer connected to his bank account and I'll get nothing out of it. He and Mike call me and tell me to go through USPS insurance, that's my only option to recover any money.

So I file a claim with USPS and that's where I'm at now. I got a letter today to bring the box and its contents to my local USPS for inspection so I'm sort of nervous about this. If I get denied I'm not sure what else I can do. I'll continue the PayPal dispute but I'm not sure if that'll get me anywhere.

Turns out Mike is a member here and was previously banned on another account.

After looking back on the picture that he sent me and inspecting it closely, it's clear that the crack was there. He claims it wasn't and continues to tell me they were in perfect condition.

Well just thought I'd share my story. Any opinions/suggestions are welcome.

I do Dan's full name/address/phone number. All I have on Mike is his phone number.

- Bought LCI tails from a "friend" of a members
- Tail lights arrived in bad condition
- Seller tells me it's not his fault, no refunds and to go through USPS
- PayPal account is now unverified
- USPS inspection is next

UPDATE - We settled on $300 (for now).

A few pics -
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