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Originally Posted by OrlandoBimmer View Post
I'm an expert at ebay sells. I happen to be a powerseller and I also have about 5 years working with paypal very closely. Its my business and my life.

Find the receipt that arrived to your email, if it says anywhere that your purchase is covered by "buyer protection" then you are all set. You will get your money back in maybe 20 days maximum. It doesnt matter if he removed his bank account, paypal will cover you and then send his account to a collection agency. Bad news for him.

If you don't see the buyer protection or says "buyer protection program not available for this purchase" then you can always call your bank and file a dispute as well, saying that you received a broken item and paypal or usps wont cover you. The bank won't play this game, they will go ahead and refund your money immediately. I guarantee you will get you money back one way or another.

I'm sad to know this happened to you and your gf. Making an effort to dress your baby right and some a%#hole does this thing.

Merry Christmas for you and everyone in your family
I only wish that were true. Bought a damaged carburetor (Edelbrock) on eBay years ago, paypal wouldn't help at all unless I had a "recognized expert" examine the carburetor and give me a repair estimate and nobody would touch it because they're essentially commodities, they retail for $300 and that's three hours' labor (it'd been dropped and needed a new baseplate and throttle shafts.) I repeatedly tried to send photos to paypal but they wouldn't talk to me and eventually cancelled my claim because I "did not provide the information requested." So the bastard had the balls to even put a gloating rant on my eBay feedback about how I tried to scam him and paypal backed him up. But clearly it was damaged prior to shipping because the box was undamaged and I noticed that the primaries wouldn't close within seconds of unpackaging it.

TL;DR: I still use paypal because I have to but they are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling, their "buyer protection" proved to be worthless to me; don't pay for anything with paypal for which you wouldn't feel comfortable paying with cash or a money order.

To the OP: I feel your pain. Hope your experience is better than mine.