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I fund this forum if I speak about it for a moment very focused on the E9X series, which I like the people on here seem very relaxed and there's some great info/help available, I've also been a member for sometime of BMWLand, which again is very helpful with some great members but is focused on a wider variety of BMW's.

E46Zone is a great little community genuine people some great advice like Frobius has stated it's early days and is low on contributions and features but I'm sure come spring/summer time when we're all doing various things to our cars it'll quickly gain members/features which will be welcome, great/brave to see Sam taking the plunge especially as stated again by Frobius E9X ownership has evolved from E46 ownership, which is the position I'm in. But are there just too many forums out there?

Hopefully next year will see some decent activity/meets which will get us all posting like mad maybe some cross community cooperation etc. might help get it up and running

Great topic to post by the way...