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The piece of **** is going

2012 has been a S*** year for me and the BMW e90 320i MSport has been the worst car i have ever owned. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely car to drive and own when its working, but it been so unreliable and if it wasn't for the warranty, would have cost me nearly 5k in repairs so far!!!! Once February comes my warranty will have expired, the dealer wouldn't give a S*** and it would be my problem to sort any more faults.

Since i purchased it in Feb it has been back to the dealers 7 times and had everything from coilpacks / injectors / DTC pump, ABS sensors, something to do with the catalytic converter and this time they delivered it back with the blowers off, thought thats a bit strange when the windows started misting, turned the fan on and my interior heater sounds like an aeroplane engine, it is so noisy they obviously knew and turned it off.

Well to cut a long story short, they are buying back and it is going. 1750 less than i paid for it over 10 months ago which i do not think is too bad. Selling it privately i may have been able to reduce that loss but i would have had the hassle of selling it, viewing, receiving money and with the amount of times it keeps breaking, the new owner would probably be banging on my door moaning, So F*** it, cutting my losses!