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Originally Posted by m@rco View Post
Rear fog lights...
Spent some time (between meals) working on cutting out a plastic cork in the form of the white piece that is already in place for the front fog lights. More in the DYI section.

Use your rear fogs ONLY when visibility is less than 50m (150ft), or else you're up for a big fine here in Europe (€200 or $250), AND annoy all other drivers who are blinded by the bright red rear lights. Heavy fog happens every so often overhere, which literally makes it impossible to see the road and forces you to drive about 25 mph max. Otherwise, leave the lights off, because it's really annoying for others and just a "show off" action to have them on...
I respect the European way of thinking (such as you must drive with a M+S tire during the winter, and a three mountain peak symbol recommended), believe me, we can't handle rear fogs here in the USA. The biggest offenders are Jaguars and Audis, who drive around with them at all times. They look as if the driver is braking while going down the highway.

Fines? We're a society who is against red light cameras and speed cameras, where fines are issued to people who run red lights and exceed the speed limit. We would never put up with being fined for using a fog lamp when totally unneeded!