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Originally Posted by Blindside_137
Tint is a very vague term.

A car with an unnoticeable Tint % on the tail lights is still tinted, as is a car with pitch black tail lights that looks like ass.

On a car like space gray, a mild tail light tint does look good IMO, as long as its not so dark it looks non OEM.

See here

Yep. Looked great on my SG coupe, albeit it was a very light vinyl tint.
Just go with Lamin-X Gunsmoke and call it a day dude, this way when you tire of it (which inevitably you will), you can just rip the tint off as a giddy boy would a dress on prom night, and be done with it.
With LCIs, I have found that the LED light shines through perfectly fine with Gunsmoke Lamin-X, and they look nice and aggressive when the lamps are not lit.