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This is great.. The IS is same as mine, even same interior color.. It's such a shame that car of this caliber comes with such $h1tty system.

I like the idea of adding central speaker, but seems like a lot of taking things apart, and I have tendency to break things (may be its just me)..

I apologize for asking redundant questions, but what does recoding of HU achieve? I read that this is required for alpine retrofit? Was it required for this install?

Did you use stock underseat enclosures, or do I need to get new ones? I have SWS with RF 200/2 left over from my last car which sounded great.

I see adapters used when mounting speakers, where can I get those from?

I don't see any nformation on amplifying rear speakers as well, have you done that? Any depth limitations there, I am looking to put alpine sps410 speakers in the back and amplify them.

Your input is as always much appreciated!!!