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Its not the happiest of topics but its strange this has cropped up as its actually on my mind.... To me it does seem that on paper we're not in as good a position as say our/my parents were/are now.

Everything's costing more to run and pension pots are getting hammered in one way or another, I've actually got a full pension review at the end of January to look at where I currently stand(having had a private pension since I was 21 - I'm now 44). Different people will of course have different views on what's needed financially to maintain an existence or lead a comfortable life style after they move on from the 9-5 life. Saving for a rainy day IMO is more difficult again than it once was. I do my best but is it going to be enough? And what is enough?

Healthcare's another issue of course should I need Healthcare in later life again where's the money going to come from.... Very interesting subject this something that over the years will focus the mind..

But on to this very question

Originally Posted by A_P View Post
Who do I have to sleep with to boost monthly pay out?
Well one of these two guys would be your target

I'd try the one on the right personally.. he tells the one on the left what's going on apparently .

But if you do go this far you might want to invest in a tube of this cos as we all know its bloody hard work and it'll sure be tight trying to get anything out of one of these guys these days.

Mind you every pension holder should receive a tube of the above as a thank you for having their pensions battered in the way they've gone over the years