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Originally Posted by PerthBMW
Hi guys

Firstly Merry Christmas - hope you have had a safe and happy day with family and friends.

My car has cracked 25,000 kms so got it booked in for its first official service on Friday. I had performance brakes installed in June 2012 and the oil done in August 2012 so I assume the engine oil and brake fluid wont need replacing. What else would they normally replace/service at this service check - spark plugs etc.?? They are quoting $140 to do the service check.

Can anyone give me a heads up so I know if the Stealership is having a go if they say I need to replace the engine at 25,000 kms....(well they do run a stealership remember).

Appreciate your help...
I think you are asking 2 separate questions :

1. 25k service
2. Service check

25 k service is fluids (watch for the $5 washer bottle fill) iirc

Service check is the "look under the bonnet and put the car on the hoist"