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Here's some sort of rebuttal from Terry@BMS

Did you know that 78% of statistics are just made up on the fly?

As far as I know the Walbro "267" pump is rated @ 355 liters/hr @ 70psi @ 13.5v on paper. 1 liter/hour is 1.63 pounds/hr for gasoline. More for E85 of course. So with no over head it's rated at 578 pounds/hr worth of gasoline.

Depending on how you configure the system there is overhead with the two venturi jets, the regulator, lines, etc, which I have not measured.
Why have you not measured this? Aren't you suggesting this upgrade to others?

But that overhead is present with any setup. Since I don't know the exact overhead I can't give an exact theoretical effective rating on the pump. But I can say with RB turbos using E98 it held full low pressure target in the 520whp+ range running 11.8:1 air/fuel ratios. With a leaner E85 specific air/fuel ratio, lower BSFC from a more efficient turbo setup, etc, I could see it supporting 700whp+ without a hitch. People have made a lot more than that using this single pump. And one could restrict both venturi valves more than they already are for more flow if needed

You are bleeding off the 70psi pressurized output of the pump to feed the venturi bleed (a plastic fitting no less) and yet you haven't measured the effective flow reduction? Maybe you should do that before trying to convince people that your solution is sound and that ours is less so. For someone who didn't even understand how a venturi jet worked or why removing it was a no-no until I told you, you should take a back seat here and just sit back and learn. You have no business recommending unquantified solutions to others, let alone attack us for providing a solution that works.

PS. It's interesting your "2 year in the making" fuel system upgrades just happen to also use the first pump I came across on eBay and ordered with maybe 20 minutes of research...
2 years in the making? Hardly. But it is pretty clear which one of us spent the last 2 years of our time developing fuel system upgrades more effectively. When we get back to the shop after the holidays, I'll post a video and flow test results of both option 2 and option 3. I encourage you to do the same.

And my apologies to the forum members here for the semi heated response. As hard as we try to stay in holiday spirits, it gets annoying when competitors spend more time spreading and encouraging misinformation and ill-will towards others than than they spent actually testing and developing new product. It gets old. While some do like the drama, it really detracts from the development of this platform. We stepped away from the on-line drama last year we ended up with a single turbo and fuel system solution. And we hope to cross another milestone within the next few weeks. I encourage Terry (Sticky and a few others) to do the same.


PS. Attached are some test results of the stand alone Walbro E85 pump being discussed (obviously, without an output bleed for an add-on venturi jet).
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