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Another replay by "Flinchy":


i almost believed some of that post until i read '3 pumps for 800+ on e85'


there are local 1500hp+ gtr's and supras running two pumps
No kidding. But they do not have a HPFP as the last stage of the fuel system. So you are comparing two different animals.

if it's going to 'need' an eleventy billion dollar shiv magictouch(tm) fuel upgrade to support high power levels... I'll wait for proefi to bring their PI manifold/tuning to the table.. And be happy with what terry/the rest of the community can provide in the meantime, at least there's no bsing there..
The only BSing here is what you are doing to yourself. You don't understand the basics yet pick a "side" based upon emotions. Unfortunately, emotions don't make give your car a lot of power. But they are easier to get comfort from when you are on the losing side of a technical debate.

i'm sure shiv's upgrade is an upgrade, but if he's not going to give hard evidence for the price, may as well just poop on some graph paper...
Hard evidence? How does 650whp on E85 alone sound? Or 700+whp on E85+meth sound? Or flow bench data I gathered and published a year ago after a visit to RC Engineering? At the end of the day, my job isn't to provide haters with hard evidence. The only hard evidence I need to provide is a functional product that works as advertised. It seems as if there is a group of people (yourself included) that are more interested in being a part of a hate mongering 'boys club' than actually learning about makes our car tick. If that is what floats your boat, go for it. Just don't pretend that you are here to learn and are open to ideas. You embarrass yourself and alienate yourself from those who are actually want to learn and try new things.

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