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From Dzenno:

Thanks for the data and looking forward to seeing more. I do like what's been presented. The only thing I don't like the sound of is the fact we'll be running 4 fuel pumps now (3 LPFP and 1HPFP) instead of 2 OEM. Troubleshooting issues is already a bit of a nightmare with the 2 OEM pumps. However, it does also "seem" like having these pumps in series will make the numbers required and take off some of the load off the OEM LPFP making the overall low pressure system work more efficiently while providing more flow. I guess time will tell if this is marketing at work although at this point I doubt it as no one in their right mind would have 3 pumps there unless absolutely required (unless you're trying to make it look more complicated than it is to turn a profit ).
You were doing good right until the last couple sentences when your true intentions got the best of you. If you have a better solution, have at it. Because there is no no glory at sitting by the sidelines and taking pot shots at others who are offering solutions that everyone will, either directly or indirectly, benefit from.

Overall, I'm glad there seem to be options for more fuel before hitting HPFP and Fuel injector limitations. Looking forward to more updates and discussion.
Just to clarify, the prototype fuel system in my personal car (3 LPFP pumps, 1 HPFP) is just a engineering exercise to test the viability (and limits) of a certain fueling approach. It is not something that is destined for production in it's current state. Not only would it cost a lot, it also involves some pretty extensive modification of the factory hardware (FPR, fuel filter assembly, level arm, fuel lines, etc,) that isn't in-line with what most people are willing to do at home with basic tools.