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thanks for all the feedback, I kinda poke around the german 130i forum and folks there have the same concern, so i guess its normal for 3 stage to react this way.

"Extra"-Schub exceeding 3,000 rpm?
SERVUS municipality.

After I rummaged around a little while, but found nothing have, I am compelled to bother you with this question:

In the partial load range, so at ~ 30-50% druchgedrücktem Accelerator I feel just above 3,000 rpm a small but significant change: the motor attracts more and revs up faster/free therefore also something that without that I change the position of the pedal. Happens always at the same speed, so this is reproducible. In the full-load range does not occur - felt. The whole thing is definitely no imagination So, let me die not stupid and tells me!

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