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noise from dashboard turning right (VIDEO INSIDE)

hello. on my 2008 335xi i noticed an issue. when i am in drive but not moving anywhere and turn the steering wheel to the right i hear a sqeeking ticking type noise coming from what sounds like the center part of dash. not like where the speedo is but where the idrive is. i did some research and i cant seem to fins the issue i am refering to. some people say when they go slow and turn they hear a noise. but i am not moving when i hear the noise. also when people hear a noise they hear it coming from outside the car. this sounds like its coming from inside the car. note this is not that whining type sound when you turn the wheel all the way to either side this is only to the right when i am not moving anywhere. any thoughts? thanks

the Mic sucks on my phone so you can only really hear it at the very end at 32-33 seconds

not to be confused with the sound at like 29 seconds which is just me moving around. at 32-33 seconds if you turn the speakers up you will definitely hear a creaking sound.

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