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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post

The thing is, red light cams do not make any mistakes. You were either before the stop line when the light turned red, or you weren't. It is physically impossible for a camera to take a picture of your car having not reached the stop line, when the light turned red, if it didn't happen.
There was an item in the news just the other day about a guy fighting a RLC ticket where he was clearly stopped at the red light, somewhere in Montgomery Co. IIRC.

Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
imho, I think there are cases of where in small towns yellow lights have been tinkered with, and even cases in corrupt places like Newark, NJ, but those actions have been reversed.
I don't believe that at all. What I do believe is that the intersections are cherrypicked to be the ones with illegally short yellows and that across the board these companies are profiting from those engineering mistakes. Just my opinion, but there are waaaaaay too many stories out there of these discrepancies being constantly exposed for me to believe that this is not part of the selection process for intersections in which the cameras are installed.

Disclosure in the interest of forestalling the obvious comments: I've only ever gotten one photo ticket in my life, and that was kind of a BS one (made a wrong turn into a 25 MPH zone, saw the zone, braked immediately, got a ticket in the mail and it's clear that I was still braking when the photo was taken) but I'm not bitter because of that one ticket - I was anti-camera long before that ever happened because I saw first hand the behavior that occurs in areas where these cameras are common. At the first sign of yellow at a RLC controlled intersection drivers will damn near panic stop, because they don't trust that they will be able to make it through before the light turns red even if they are very close to the intersection. This has been statistically shown to cause rear-end incidents. I actually had someone do this in front of me on New York Ave. in DC once for a speed camera and I damn near rear-ended the guy because at the time I didn't know the camera was there - later I found out that this was one of the highest grossing cameras in the city (east of Bladensburg Ave - a 35 MPH zone that looks like an Interstate highway and in fact a half mile later *is* one, although it's signed as US-50.) In a rare instance of rationality on the part of the DC government, the speed limit has since been raised to 40 MPH and there is now talk of raising it to 45 - still lower than it could be, but a little closer to reality.

Oh, and my last post on the subject in this thread... let's get back to buying our cars presents

Back on topic, I've been PMing a local guy about detailing, probably going to meet up with him tomorrow to see what he can do about the swirly mess that is my paint.