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Originally Posted by thenewrick View Post
Howdy, I'm looking at getting a set of Axis Rev wheels 18x8.5 all around and putting Pilot Super Sport tires 225/40/18 on all of them.

My questions are:

1- Is it strange to have a non-staggered set of wheels and tires?

2- Is it bad that I'm going from a 255/35/18 to a 225/40/18 in the rear? Even though the rear wheels are staying the same size 18x8.5.

3- I have 2 fingers of wheel gap in the front but only 1 finger of gap in the rear with the top down. Should I somehow compensate for that by lowering the front of the car's suspension or inflating the tires differently or is this imbalance normal?

4- Is there any downside to using spacers to push the wheels out a bit and give it a wider wheel base? I'm pretty clueless here.
Thanks E90 community!
1. Straight fitment is normal. Most wheels come with a square set-up.

2. I would recommend having the same tires on all fours. I wouldn't switch up the tires if they are all the same.

3. 2 finger gap in the front and 1 in the rear is normal. Most suspensions that play safe do that. They don't want the front hitting the curb or ground. The rear does not have to worry about slamming its face into anything, so that is why most set-ups have fronts a bit higher. I would not change anything. If anything, you can get new springs or coilovers to lower the overall height, and then you can change and level where your car could sit. I would not mess with anything individually because the front is a bit higher.

4. Most people don't experience any issues with wheel spacers. In most cases, they want to run a more aggressive wheel offset, so they use spacers. Some people use it to run a BBK (Big brake kit). One of the many normal tools people use on their vehicles.

Hope these help,

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