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downpipes dilemma

hello i'm sure this has been discussed before but i cant seem to find the info i am looking for. it seems like an overwhelming about of people on here have aftermarkets downpipes. i'm sure at least some of you still are under warranty. do you remove them every time you go to the dealer? i want to get them sooo bad but i cant deal with removing them every time. i know if something breaks the dealer needs to prove that component caused the failure. but lets say for example i go in for an oil change and they jack the car up and note that i have downpipes. then 5 months later my turbos start to die and i remove the downpipes and put the stock ones back in. cant the dealer say you had the other downpipes installed before so we're not going to fix this? or do the downpipes need to be installed at the time when they see the car for the turbo problem? thanks