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Originally Posted by Zebra99 View Post
I will say that it depends on your SA and the dealer you're working with.

Some will rat you out and others don't care. I would however, if anything breaks or fails put back the old ones when doing more serious work such as turbos or anything exhaust related.

As for DD they're are the DP fix and code suppression so having DP's will give you that extra little kick in the pants and put less stress on your turbo system.

Go to an Indy shop for any maintenance if your worried about work being done and when something serious happens swap out the mods.
thank you for your reply. the last line of what you said is what i might do. however the first line makes me hesitant if i chose to stay with using the dealer for service. it just seems like many many people on this forum have downpipes. do you guys leave them in and then when shit goes wrong you take them out and the dealer replaces the parts you need? that would be fine with me. i'm just worried that if i bring the car in for something else they will take note of the downpipes and then later down the road if i have an issue with the turbos and i come in with my stock downpipes they will say sorry we know you had different ones in before. thats where i am confused, is the policy. if they have to claim the part caused the issue, can they only do that if the part is currently on the car? or can they say the downpipes you had 2 months ago caused this problem?