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Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
Depending on who you bank with some banks offer various levels of buyer protection on debit card transactions. I have successfully disputed charges made via debit card purchase through both my old Bank Of America account and my current account with Chase. Call your bank up and see if they can help.

But I agree, I always make any online purchases over $100 or so via credit card for this reason (hindsight is 20/20 I know).

ETA: I would still file a dispute with PayPal. PayPal will pull the funds from the seller immediatelty while they investigate. If they side in your favor you will absolutely get your money back, and PayPal will go after the seller for the funds if he doesn't have enough in his PayPal balance to cover it. Doesn't matter if he no longer has the account or what bank account (if any) is tied to the account.
Thanks for the info.

Originally Posted by phillye30fanboy View Post
you just said that the cracks were even in the picture that he sent you before shipment. your not going to get your money back because you didn't notice it, and didn't call him out on it...sorry
Incorrect, you can see the crack in the original picture I got.