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Have a look at how my LED Angel/demon eyes are coming along.

How you all doing.

I have been doing some work on creating a decent, budget Angel eye setup for e92 coupe, Pre LCI.

This is my 4th set and I have been practicing on faulty light units before doing my own as well as a few mates cars.

What do you think?
The red demon eye is for show purposes only.... Saw a few people do it on hidplanet, so I thought I would give it a go.

I have done a full black out and placed an LED indicator, and have decided not to put back the indicator shroud as IMO I think it looks cleaner and great without it.

Don't mind the road rash on the lens. These were my test units.

Update Sun 6th Jan.

took the time this weekend to finish of the lights.
I am very pleased with the results! It is pure white, and I prefer the LEDs to the others that produce a blue hue.

As you can see the red eye is very subtle. It is more noticeable from closer distances.

I am extremely happy with the results. Closer, more detailed images to follow

More pics from yesterday. 4 potential customers as well!!! It seems that people can't help but stop you on the road. I guess this mod, as simple as it is, is getting me the most attention!

Update more pics
From a distance. Lights off

Closer. Lights off

From a distance. Lights on

Closer. Lights on

Distance. Lights on. From the side. Showing viewing angle

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