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My change from 335i to Porsche C2s

My experience going from 335i to C2s

MY 335i
362.2 BHP
Black with Cream Leather
KW Coilovers

The 335i is a fantastic car, it did have its problems though with about 9 trips back to BMW in the 11 months and 11k miles i had it.

For me the it was a lovely motorway cruiser and extremely quick point to point in fact probably quicker than that c2s across town. I found it extremely comfortable and with the modification i made it was relatively competent on the track BUT not massively challenging to drive quickly unless it was wet . Even with the Mods it never felt quiet as detailed as some lower powered sports cars i had been in/driven.

11 months was the longest i had owned a car in the past 6 years and i was happy relatively happy with it.

The reason i ended up selling it in the end was because although it had a full AUC warranty, when the battery started draining everyday i took it to BMW about 3 times before they said they knew the battery was dead but i had to pay for it because it didn't give them an error code. So even though the battery was covered and it was dead I HAD TO PAY FOR IT, because no code was thrown. That was it for me, i don't mind that it had a few issue which had been sorted but when they wanted to charge me for no reason, i had had enough.

My Pig
Aero zero lift body kit
295 ft/lbs
Sports exhaust
Colbolt blue
Ocean blue leather
Active suspension

When i picked up the Porsche i still couldn't believe it was mine. It was and still is a dream car for me(and the wife ) and being able to achieve buying it at a relatively young age was quiet nice. Although i really want to GT3 its just not suitable. For me its truly stunning from every angle.

But before i get into how amazing the car is. 2 days after i bought it approx. 300 miles it broke down. 3 weeks of Porsche telling me it was my fault and quoting 3k to check the engine followed by 12k to replace followed by the total bill of 21k for engine and cat replacement. Finally after my protests to the Porsche dealership, Porsche UK and finally a review by Porsche Germany 1 week later they agreed to pay the bill. I haven't gone into to much detail as the full 26 page log is here;

So my initial happiness was marred by a horrid 4 weeks with no car and the possibility of have to find between 8k rebuild or 21k replacement. When i finally got the call to let me know i was getting a complete new engine and cat i was happier than when i initially bought the car.

Anyway after getting the car back i have to say the last 1000 miles have been amazing. The car couldn't be more different to the 3. The car brings a smile to my face overtime i look at it, I find any reason to drive it.

Compared to the 3 the pedals are HEAVY all 3 of them, the gear change seems slow and deliberate and the shifter feels heavily sprung.

The steering is very very fast to the point that, initially, when making fast direction changes its quiet easy to over steer the car(i mean that in the sense of putting in more steering angle than is needed). It's quiet a strange sensation, not having weight over the front. Something i am more used to now. Even with no weight it still somehow gives a lot of steering feedback to the driver and is well weighted.

Surprisingly there is so much less understeer than than 3 series and compared to our 1 series it feels like understeer doesn't exist at all. Before driving the Porsche i honestly thought i had dialled out most of the understeer with the ARBS and the alignment. Also it is much more comfortable around town than the 335i. I would say the 3 is better as a motorway mile muncher though.

The noise is amazing, the sports exhaust is a must on these. Not even sure how to describe it.... Deep, off-key, throaty. The induction noise and exhaust note are fantastic at any RPM. For me the V8 M3 sounds better but only after 6500rpm-ish.

The grip is unreal and is something i am still having to get used to. I can brake massively later and accelerate much earlier than in the 3. You really have to tell yourself ' YES YOU CAN APPLY THE POWER NOW' this particularly applies to the wet. You have to be a little more progressive with the throttle but you not held back in the same way as you are with 425ft/lbs in the 3.

Internal space is fine for me and the wife. We have managed to do all of our usual stuff in this car no problems. It fits a normal large suitcase in the front + 2 small cases on the rear bench.

Point to point across town in normal traffic the mapped 3 is probably quicker. After 80mph or so the Porsche is leagues ahead of the 3. The brakes offer much more in terms of stopping power, the steering is amazing, its not in anyway nervous at the higher speeds. Something that i didn't feel the 3 was until driving the Porsche

What i miss in the 3 is turbo power across town. IMO turbos are great on road cars. It gives so much tuning potential but more importantly it makes them so much easy to drive day to day.
Not having to drop 1 maybe 2 cogs before over taking is nice.
The only downside to that was with the JB4 the boost came in hard and early in the rev range and made wet driving extremely challenging. Obviously if its not mapped i'm sure the problem is less. Oh and the brake feature o the cruise control was nice

I wouldn't say a porsche is for everyone. It requires more effort and concentration to drive quickly than other cars. It has some quirks and takes time to get used to. It's not even much quicker than cars like the 335i in normal driving BUT its somehow very special

So for me the 'forced' change and the 4 weeks of stress are all worth it. The Porsche hasn't disappointed in anyway.

In terms of .
The Porsche was obviously a lot more to buy initially.
Servicing is actually similar to the 3 as its every 20k or 2 years. I will be doing an oil change in-between the official services, as i don't like the thought of 20k mile old oil in a car. Service parts are similar except the brakes which are expensive in comparison. But that will only cost about 70.
Insurance went up 160 a year. Tax is less @ 270. Even with a new engine the MPG is slightly better over 1000 mixed miles i'm averaging just over 20MPG whereas the 3 was about 18-20MPG.

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