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Originally Posted by MrPogle View Post
I bought Philips X-treme +100% because they won the AutoExpress test. They were about 20GBP a pair but were an absolute nightmare to fit. My hands are just too big and I had to get my girlfriend to actually fit them.

I got them because my previous car (E39 540) had Xenons and I was hoping for something similar from the uprated bulbs. TBH, I was underwhelmed as the difference is only just noticeable.

They are probably just about worth the money but not the hassle.
+1 Uprated bulbs are definitely better but the improvement isn't exactly huge. My biggest problem was geting the old bulbs out of the holders, they'd only been in for 12 moths but they felt like they'd been welded in

Originally Posted by G_M_S View Post
If it's a BMW dealer you're getting the car from , get them to fit a set of Genuine BMW Performance Bulbs, probably a little more expensive that the other makes you've mentioned and almost certainly made by one of the same companies - probably Osram.

You'll also be covered by the BMW 2 year warranty
Do BMW really cover bulbs for 2 years? I'd still rather spend 40 on 4 Philips bulbs than the 90 BMW want, and I can't see BMW fitting them free of charge