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Originally Posted by F335i
You can feed it through without removing anything in the ECU, it's a bit tricky but keep feeding it down a hole you see at the bottom back of the white ECU box until you see it at the bottom of the glove compartment. You need to unscrew those small torx crews you see at the bottom of the glove compartment to fish out the USB cable coming down. If you don't see it, stick your hand in there. If you need to use a metal hanger to push down the usb cable down that hole, use it. I almost had to use it.
That hole is blocked in the n55. you are talking about the hole below the ecu fan hole correct? The USB cable doesn't fit in the hole. I was able to unscrew the 4 large torx screwdrivers and move the box out to push the wire down but I didn't see the wire underneath.