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worn snow tires

i have a dedicated set of winter tires+wheels, and have been the absolute best money i've spent on the car.

this is my 3rd and final season on them, but they have worn out pretty unevenly (thanks to my affinity for baked goods......donuts, get it? ) the rear tires have worn out mostly down the middle of the tire, where the fronts are pretty evenly worn.

i put the tires with more tread on my front wheels and put the worn tires on the rear. the logic was, i want the tires with more tread up front for steering and braking, while the worn tires are just doing the driving.

the more and more i think about it, i want to put my worn tires up front where theres tread on the shoulders, and the more tread tires out back for traction. the worn tires still have tread on the shoulders, and when the wheels are turning, they camber and therefore use the shoulder to bite through snow/slush. does this make sense at all? or do i just leave the fully treaded tires on the front?

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