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clock spring question e93 m3 valentine 1 remote mute button?

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

I'm looking into doing a complete stealth v1 install on my e93 m3. I'd like to put the mute button in or on the steering wheel.

AFAIK, the best way to do this, that is, the 'most stealthy' way, would be to somehow use a free connection through the clock spring. That way, the mute wires wouldn't get tangled as the steering wheel is turned, as with all the other buttons on the wheel.

Of course, the signals from the buttons are encoded (right?) so I'd need wires that don't run through whatever device codes up the electrical signals.

My wheel: e93 M3, not heated.

Q1: Does anyone know the wiring of this wheel/clock spring and if there would be an available connector for me to use for wiring up the v1 remote mute?

Q2: If there aren't any available connections on this clock spring, is there one I could replace the OEM one with that would have the wiring available?

For example, I read that the e46 SMG clock spring has two uncoded wires on it that the e46 MT doesn't have (people use this info to retrofit a steptronic with paddle shifters?). This is, apparently, despite the fact that the two models use the same part number for both clock springs.

I read that here, at post #16 (has pics, too):

Current plan is to put the v1 in the rear passenger headrest (found a DIY), and i'm planning on integrating the remote display LEDs into the instrument cluster (another DIY I found) - arrows under the tach in the unused plastic 'corner' under the dial to the left; bogie counter and band in the same section but under the speedo (under the dial and to the right), and strength lights along the narrow plastic strip under the cluster display screen....

Of course, I could merely be dreaming here....