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Make sure that you pull far enough forward on the trailer that approx. 10% of the trailer weight is on the tongue. A tongue-light trailer will sway dangerously (learned this one the hard way - almost lost the car/trailer/tow vehicle). This also means that you shouldn't pack the trunk full of junk after loading the car on the trailer. If you'll be loading the trunk, make sure that you check the tongue-weight AFTER loading. Other than that, secure the car with the tie-downs as noted above. You want to prevent the car from moving left-right and forward-backward - so connecting the straps in an 'X' or a 'V' is the way to go.

For the hood, you can get a 'quick-wrap' from Griot's Garage. It's kind of like industrial strength Saran Wrap - Looks like crap, but it'll protect the nose/hood from chips. Or, you could cover the front with blue painter's tape.

It's not that hard, just do your preparation right and it'll be a breeze.