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If it's only coolant temp that is definitely available on the OBD. You would have these options:
1) The P3 one (I don't like the LH mounting, seems not natural to look at and obstructed by my left hand on the steering wheel)
2) That german central vent one. Nice, expensive, and you loose a vent.
3) my Dashdyno by Auterra. Had this for 3 years, a bit modified but now it flips up with the sun glass tray lid. A non reversable mod, I would need a new sun glass holder to restore. It's different, not in line of sight, but with programmable warning lights you can't miss it (I use these mainly for DPF regen)
4) aftermarket one like these. I'd really prefer gauges, but no warning lights in these..
But with any aftermarket devices other then offered on E90post, or the dashdyno I have, be aware of possible battery drain issues. The ODB device you have needs to shut down first. If not, the engine management system will stay alive for 30 minutes pulling 4 Amps. The tell tale is the illuminated starter button. As long as that is on the system will pull 4 Amps. It should be off 30 seconds after closing the door.