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Misfire with Cobb?

So, I have been running with Cobb Stage 1 Aggressive for over a week or so and everything has been great. However, last night when I was coming home, I came to a stop and had a rather rough idle. No lights were on the dash, but the car was making a surging sound. Funny thing is, even though it sounded like it was surging, the RPMs were steady. The car sounded like it was going to die. In any event, I came home, shut the car off, restarted, and all was well. I was curious today, so I went down just to see if the AP would pull any codes. Sure enough, I had a misfire from cylinder 4. I drove the car this morning and there were no issues. Not sure if this is Cobb related or not. Any ideas?

For what it's worth, I recall my car doing something similar when I had the JB Stage 1 installed. I never pulled the codes before though. Like I said, with the exception of yesterday, the car has been golden with Cobb.