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Lol. They can't force you to delete this thread, you aren't even the thread creator! (unless you're a mod, which you don't seem to be).

As for RFT... I will disagree with you there. That's not up to the dealer - the manufacturer, BMW in this case, has decided to switch ALL of their cars to RFT. And although I agree that they should probably educate customers more, they are already dealing with a relatively fragile sale, and the last thing they probably want is to further antagonise the customer by telling them they should probably consider changing tires.

Anyway - I know of a number of people who roll on RFTs and wouldn't know any better.

As for the other issues... this is why I sold my 335 (I was up to $10K, excluding labour, of warranty repairs - obviously not out of my pocket, but I kept track of the parts). That said, I would have bought one in a flash if they had the xDrive when I was shopping, and I will consider the new 3er when I'm buying again. I just enjoyed the car too much, even though I spent so much time at the dealer I almost always had a car reserved for me before asking, haha.