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Myth #2. "I won't need a BMW by the time I retire". Presumably this is generated by mental pictures of the grey haired set running around in Fiestas, Polos and Micras. If you like to drive a BMW today, there's absolutely no reason you won't want to after retirement, other than you can't afford one.....which is the point of this thread. Most people recognise that retirement calls for some downsizing......what I'm saying is that most people are sleepwalking into the level of downsizing that's going to be required based on recent developments and their impact on pensions

Be glad to see the back of my BMW if only for the fact that I will not have to deal with all the F***** Arse Wipes at the Dealerships, from the Dealer Principle to the Guys that think it is part of their job to cover your car in swirls !!