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Originally Posted by Aaron.B View Post
the majority of e9x owners on this forum must own autos, can someone advise me
Er... Are you looking for "half-drunk dumbass" kind of advice? If so, here you go:

Just bye teh car, mate! This is the Untilmate Dreeving Machine (tm)! You'll be all right!

Now, if you want a meaningful advice, then, as it has already been explained to you repeatedly, it is not about "majority of e9x owners" who "own autos". It is about determining the specific automatic gearbox brand and model installed in that car, and then asking people who own cars with exactly the same gearbox about their experiences.

"2006 E92 330 Diesel coupe (UK Right hand drive)" is good information, but I personally can't tell off the top of my head what model of automatic gearbox this car uses. And with typical BMW's practice of changing components mid-run, it would be very nice to have the VIN.

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