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08 328i - just amp/front spkr upgrade??

Well I am thinking of spending 700-800 on upgrading the sound system in my car. So far ive searched all over, this site, bimmerfest and

With my budget i think i will be limited to an amp, front speakers and maybe a processor (if needed).

I will be able to install it myself. For amps JL XD600/6 but it is OOS and i just found a MB quart NAU 660.....

Not sure if the MB is a good amp or not. its cheap and a 6 channel, and its available. If its not a good choice lmk, il steer clear.

can you guys toss out ideas for front speakers?? also when hook up my I fone and use it as a MP3 i have to turn the volume up on the phone all the way.

Once you turn up (car radio) to the point where its pretty loud, bass, etc etc there is a bit of "feedback" or distoration?? any fixes to this??
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