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Ticking noise from engine block

Recently changed oil and plugs in my 08 335i... Did not us the BMW plugs but instead used the OE Bosch plugs that were $3/each cheaper. I tourqued all plugs to 17nM and made sure the coils were in good condition before re-installing and now I have a ticking notice that seems to follow the RPM. (Slower rpm, slower ticking)

Can't hear it while sitting inside the car, but when I get out and car is still running I easily hear it. No engine lights on or anything, fuel consumption seems normal, haven't noticed a significant change in power or anything although it is colder out so I don't drive it very hard too often.

Can anyone think of what noise could be? I've checked for loose rattling things (clips, etc) and cannot seem to stop I'm thinking it is coming from the engine and if so is not really a good sign .... :/

Any opinions or similar sounds would be great

2008 335i - JB4 / BMS DCI / Premium Package / Sport Package / 6AT