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Originally Posted by DarkAnt335i View Post

No I 100% did not over rev it. What they claim is a mechanical over rev 'miss-shift' occurred. Timed at 7 ignitions which apparently equates to .006 of a second. So the reason i say may is, when it was put like that I said although I have no recollection of missing a shift how can I be 100% when it would be inconceivable to me. Essentially I would have to of gone from 3 at say 95mph back into 2nd by mistake but then dumped the clutch and disengaged the gear all within .006 of a second. Very unlikely. On top of the fact i knew i hadn't missed a shift or driven the car particularly hard? I do know is the car was driven to the 'detailers' before I collected the car and I argued how do i not know it was them?

The issue of durability was another argument I made. How can .006 over rev cause such a failure, even if it was me that did it. They actually agreed but said their terms state no warranty if there are any revs in range 3+ regardless of who did it. Thankfully after much discussion the had the techs look at the internal damage + the fact a vario-cam sensor had failed and a cat and worked out it was damage sustained over time rather than .0006.
I had actually spoken to some Porsche specialist who also agreed Porsche were trying it on. The problems with the engine are well know issues with bore/cylinder wear and are not related to over revving at all.
Very poor service by Porsche!...I hate it when dealers "try it on".