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Originally Posted by jfiore13
Hey I don't know much about day trading, but I know a few of my buddies do it and are successful doing it, I'm also a college student soon to graduate in the spring, Amy tips or advice you have for me in learning about the day trading ??
The best thing you can do to learn about trading is to actually practice it, not necessarily real money could be a paper portfolio. Start by going to stock and seeing there "chart school" and learn about all the indicators that are available to use while trading. The best free software or website for live charting I've seen is So just practice and you should start noticing things that work and things that don't pretty quickly lol

Additionally, learn about options they are honestly great for day trading. I'm now starting to trade forex as well, so well see how that goes lol. Check out the site and sign up! Post any questions you have in the forum and ill do my best to answer them
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