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Thanks for the write up Ant comparing the 335i to the Porsche. I am pleased you got it sorted. I have been wanting to know what fellow members think between the two.

From my limited experience comparing a 911 and an Alpina B3 BT has been on the track and I confess that I was a little underwhelmed with the 911 Carrera road holding, I expected more, especially to what the press say about them. I found that the Alpina was faster through the corners and acceleration (it could be the two 911 drivers which were on the track same time as me were totally crap drivers ).

It may be that the Alpina has the upper edge as comparing the 335i to the Carrera Porsche.

Don't get me wrong the Porsche 911 is a fantastic car, however I need a coupe with 4 adult seats so this limits my options.