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E92 335i - Track Suspension Advice Needed

The Car: 2007 e92 335i 6MT with sport package

The Goal:
This is my daily driver so I want to maintain a comfortable ride as much as possible. I currently attend autocross events about 7-8 times a year and plan to start doing track days probably about twice a year.

The Plan (so far):
First and foremost I'm getting a new set of tires in the spring and am going with either Dunlop Star Specs or Hankook RS-3 non-runflats. Which brings up my first question. Will switching from run-flats to non-runflats mess with the ride quality at all? I feel like it will be alot less stiff and decrease handling performance if left alone.

Next thing on my list is to upgrade to M3 Front Control Arms (Tension Strut and Lower link)

Then, Either M3 front and rear sway bars or the one that hotchis offers. Would like to hear opinions on which one you guys feel would give me what I'm after.

Eventually, would like to do M3 Rear subframe bushings, rear guide rod, and rear upper links but will probably hold off on these for now.

Now the tricky part that I have no idea where to even begin. What suspension to get. I dont want to spend over $1k on the suspension (not including all the bits mentioned above) so I think any coilover kits would be out of the picture, and would most likely be looking for a spring & damper combo.

Any advice is welcome and if I left something out let me know


BTW, I have searched around and thats why I decided on the M3 control arms at the very least, I couldnt find any real definitive answers on any of the other components. Saw a lot of stuff for E90's but not E92's and am not sure how much difference there is between the 2.
2007 BMW 335i 6MT