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Originally Posted by project335i View Post
This. Why would you want to stretch on stock rims. Lol. Pointless. If you want the look go spend money on some proper rims
Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post
There is literally no point in stretching on OEM wheels. You stretch on wide/low offset wheels to clear the fenders. Your OEM wheels already clear the fenders with meaty tires. You would need 1"+ spacers to constitute stretching on 8" and 9" OEM wheels.
I plan on running spacers because I don't have a few grand to spend on new wheels right now, as much as I would like to the funds just are not there. Only reason the car is even getting new tires is because the threads are completely showing otherwise they wouldn't even bet getting changed. Don't hate that I want to run spacers and stretch tires on my oem wheels to try and make my car look a little better on a budget. Not all of us can afford to drop a few grand on new wheels twice a year like some of the people on here do.

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However, If you still want to stretch OP I would go with a 225/40
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A "decent stretch but nothing crazy" is somewhat subjective. 225 on a 9" wheel will give you a stretched look.
Thank you I appreciate the info, what would look similar on an 8 inch wheel for the front?