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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Not sure what happened with yours.

Sanding is not really necessary but what is important is using rubbing alcohol and water 50/50 to get rid of any contaminants on the housing.

Also the conditions of painting need to be good, I.E. 70 degrees and no more then 90 degrees.

Also you need to spray a good 12 inches or more away from the housing when you paint. If you go to close you get a lot of splatter.

The VHT nightshade is hard to work with for some people, especially if conditions are not right. Some people may just want to pick up some tint and cut accordingly.

Hope this helps anyone else trying it out.
All good info, and yes the sanding I think isn't necessary but also wasn't harmful either.

I did everything you mentioned though, I used alcohol to clean them after sanding. Let Dry. Temperature was about 60 F or so, and I was definitely atleast 8-12 inches away. Shook the can for a while too before spraying.

Followed it all to the T, just didn't work out.

I did notice my can wasn't sealed shut so I wonder if it had been used and then returned for the very problem I was having... Who knows, it is fine for now, may try to clean it up sometime in the future and change out the bulb for an LED. Live and learn..
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