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Question about system install

After about a month of research I've finally gathered up all the components I need to swap out the hi-fi audio in my 06 E90. Thanks to all who posted on here and took time to share their knowledge.

Quick background..I bought the car a month ago after getting into a nasty accident and totaling my RSX. So I'm bringing some pieces from my old car.

List of products"

Alpine cda 117 (yes I know about the issues with swapping out the headunit, however in my situatuion all I would be losing are the chimes. If I ever need to bring it back to the dealer it would take 15 minutes to swap out the head unit)

Audiocontrol DQX w/ DDC for DSP

JL audio xd600/6 to run the fronts and the under seats.

CDT cl42...for the fronts

Jehnert 200xe for the midbass

I may add a sub to the mix since I have an amp and 2 Jl subs laying around.

Anyway on to my question. I'm running at least 4 cables to the trunk already so running four more wouldnt be an issue but I'm wondering if I would need to or not. The four cables I'm referring to are for the speakers. Do I need to run new speaker cable or can I just tap into the oem wiring and go into the amp that way?

The Jehnerts have an adapter so I'm pretty sure all i need to do is tap into the wire at the oem amp and run into the JL. Same with the fronts, but from what I researched the oem fronts have a cap inline. if I tap the fronts would I need to somehow bypass the cap? Or should I say screw it and run new speaker wire to the trunk? Is there a difference in wire oem vs aftermarket? Would I be better off?

Anyway thanks for reading.