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Originally Posted by Guvernator View Post
Wow those look great. Is this a similar setup to the OSS one's where you take the light units apart and then fit the LED rings? If so I would be interested depending on how much the whole setup including fitting costs. Also is this a Halogen or Xenon setup and does is throw up an errors codes or need re-coding?
Exactly that bud.

But I am using a much more affordable set of LEDs that have been proven to be reliable, and IMO I love the look because the are full circles as well as the LEDs being very title packed removing the beaded look effect.

This is a xenon setup. I have done a few e92 xenon setups and find it very simple. The hardest, most time consuming part is definitely the sanding, priming and painting if you are doing a full black out option, or what ever colour you would like to go for.

I have had my headlights coded already so I do not have any codes, but this can be avoided by purchasing an extra LED resistor pack which you take off existing LED Angel eye upgrades. IMO it is better just paying someone 20 to code out these errors.