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Possible suspension issue - advice needed

I have been having a few issues with my 325i M-Sport. For a while the car has been pulling heavily to the left. It has gone in for alignment (which was fine) and center steer adjustments (also fine). Still the car is pulling to the left.

The pull becomes more pronounced at higher speeds and with a more fully loaded car. The pull is so bad, that when loaded with 4 people and a suitcase going 120kmh on the highway, I have to countersteer and hold the steeling wheel at a 30 degree angle. The pull is immediate and this has also caused uneven tire ware. Without load and at 60kmh the steering wheel is almost straight.

Further there is a slight knocking sound coming from the rear right when fully loaded and going over bumps. I initially suspected a cracked or broken coil but apparently the coil is fine. The strange thing is that the rear left suspension as measured from the rim to the wheel arch is 1cm lower than the rear right without load and 2.5cm lower with load.

BMW inspected and told me this is within specs?!? They are now replacing the coil rubbers but I highly doubt that this is the issue. Can anyone confirm if all of this could be caused by coil rubbers? Otherwise any ideas what else could be causing this?