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Sweet guys - we definitely want to hit up some of the breweries in town (and we're passing through Kalamazoo, so we're seeing Bell's and Sweetwater donut shop.

In GR, the wife is pumped about Vivant (it's in a church for god's sake! no pun intended), and I think due to the recommendations we'll go to San Chez. We have a reservation for 2 nights, so depending on how cool your town is, we might have another day/night of breweries and sushi!

Thanks for the recommendations guys, I really appreciate it.

We were at a pizza place here in Chicago yesterday at 9:30pm after spending 4 hours at the movies (hobbitt and she watched the 40 year old movie) and we were like, we should go somewhere different. We met this couple in Carmel, CA from GR who told us about Artprize, and I guess our interest is piqued. Hopefully my non-xi E90 will make it all the way there!


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^ San Chez is great (downtown).
If you like Sushi, go over to Tokyo Grill. I'll hook you up.
One of my absolute favorite restaurants is Bistro Bella vita. The absolute best all around (downtown).

Founder's is probably one of the most popular brewery. It's 30 down the road from Bistro Bella Vita.