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Originally Posted by 335iheLLraiseR View Post
I'm going to save you a few steps since I went through this a few years ago when I worked in restaurants. I have since left that industry and subsequently stopped drinking soda altogether.

Anyways, the first thing you have to figure is how much soda is he going to be using it. Does he drink soda daily? Does he entertain much? is he playing bartender?

Most of the barriers I ran into were due to me realizing that the costs outweighed the benefits. You have to realize that these machines are made for volume. I'll give you an example, that Wunder bar much like all the other machines require a cold plate that has to be kept cold with ice or else your soda comes out flat. Another thing is the syrup has an expiration date. Each box runs $45, the halves run I think $25 if they are available. You were looking at a 6 flavor gun, do the math. Now figure out the constant amount of ice you need. Now where are you going to put an ice bin, a 40lb bottle of C02 and 4-6 boxes of syrup? Run the C02 and water lines, etc.

The only thing I found that was worthwhile was, at the time $1800 and most stars have them in their houses. Its a soda fountain with a two head system, self contained with the refrigeration and C02 I believe.

Edit: Here you go.

If you could find a self contained refrigeration unit like that to eliminate the cold plate and get it in a gun configuration it could work. The description in the ad says they do custom work so you can reach out to them.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the insight, I had considered most of your points and had found solutions for mostly everything, the one thing I didn't think about was the expiration dates of the syrup. I do like that one you linked, that may be a better option. I'll have to look into that.

Originally Posted by DSB335d View Post
Another option is restaurant supply stores. You can find a lot of good used stuff. A friend of mine had a 6 soda Pepsi fountain like the older ones you would see in a Taco Bell etc.. He had the entire setup machine, pump, co2, syrup rack etc for under $1000.
I realize you're looking for a gun type dispenser, I'm just trying to give you an example.
As far as using a lot of ice etc.. Most places incorporate the distribution plate the syrups run through into their ice machine. There are a number if creative ways to mount that. An example would be if your dad already has an ice machine for his setup or a standard refrigerator; the plate could be mounted inside etc. it's not that difficult, slightly more complicated than a kegerator setup.
Never thought of going used. Know of any online places that would sell it used?

As for the space/c02/cold plate. His current setup is pretty much a full bar, he's got a 4 tap kegorator setup, under bar fridges, so on and so forth. So im not really worried about the setup, and I did some research and I guess there is thing called a "Remote cooler" that eliminates the need for an ice bin. I may just have to call someone and get some information.