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I know i'm bumping an old thread but i'm considering getting the UUC but trying to make sure it's worth it... If you could do it again would you spend the money (for me it will be $500 installed) or just save it for something else? How much did it actually decrease the throws? And lastly did it get rid of the second gear issues such as having to really force the shifter into 2nd gear? Please let me know cause it's on sale so i'd have to order tonight. Mainly trying to figure out if it's really worth that price...
I having no other aftermarket ssk to compare to but I can say that the uuc feels much better than the long ass stock throw and even without the dssr the side to side slack isn't bad. If you want to get it and save on install I can help you do it without going under the car. I have installed it twice now because I put it in backwards the first time. I followed directions but uuc said it happens sometimes on the xi version. I think mine is also higher that my friends I version so I might ask if they sent me the tall boy version. Yes I lowered it to the lowest setting.
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