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Water Leak In My 2007 e90 Sedan...Thoughts? :'(

In 2010, I noticed a leak in the rear driver's side of my car. After parking it on the street after a few days of heavy rain, the floor of the back seat on the driver's side was completely soaked. Water was streaming in from the lower part of the door. I took it to my local BMW dealership (car was still under warranty) and they told me the rubber tubing along the door had warped and replaced it. Checked it a couple times after the repair and the problem seemed to have gone away.

Fast forward two years...

I've been parking my car on the street for the past month and it rained heavily in the last few days. Yesterday, I noticed a weird smell in my car. Like wet socks. I checked the driver's side back seat and...WHAT DO YOU KNOW: the floor of the car was wet again! However, it's ONLY wet on the driver's side back seat, NO WHERE ELSE.

I tested for a leak by hosing that section of my car down. I aimed the water downwards all along the edge of the door where it might leak through, but I got no results. As far as I could tell, no water even trickled in.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what the problem could be??

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