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2008 M3

interior is the usual BMW quality and finish, good visibility and driving position, engine is silkly smooth and sounds so good, no need for a stereo, not the torquiest of engines, didn't feel all much quicker than my coupe at low revs, but as revs rose it pulled very strong, precise handling and feel, didn't feel all that much bigger than my coupe despite outweighing it by at least 400lbs, typical precise and engaging bmw transmission, made me wish even more that they had put the M3 v8 in the Mcoupe, I would have been ALL over that car.

2010 Lotus Evora
definite curb appeal, turned more heads than any car I've ever driven, interior is no BMW interior, good outward front visibility, engine is smooth, not all that quick, didn't feel that much quicker than my coupe, engine sound not all that inspiring, shift/clutch action not all that great, long throws, handling is superb, precise, great feel, high overall limits. The truest sports car I ever driven. If it was a little more practical (very low, no rear visibility), I may have been more tempted.

2010 Aston Martin Vantage V8:
Best looking car I've driven, not as much of a head turner as the evora since its less extreme, but just beautiful. Interior is top quality and looks very nice. Engine is silkly smooth and sounds INCREDIBLE, but not all that powerful, not torquey, comes more alive with revs. Transmission and clutch work well. Visibility and driving position not all that great, feels kinda like sitting in bathtub. Handling limits are good, but it def feels like a big car. I walked away feeling like it wasn't as much "fun" as my coupe. Not a true sports car, more of a GT.