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Originally Posted by cleex024
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Not sure where the info came from that it wouldn't it be? It will be compatible with every front mount intercooler and all stock and aftermarket exhausts that use the standard dual 2.5" inlets. We are well aware most people are FBO. Building a kit that doesn't utilize as many of the existing upgrades as possible doesn't make much sense from a business or implementation standpoint.
But again you dont think it would be too restrictive? All the parts were meant for the stock turbos and I would feel that the piping would be to small
No we do not. People are running dual 2.5" aftermarket exhaust with over 600HP. This discussion is rather moot, if you are in the market for a kit like this you are not running a stock exhaust system. This kit is capable of supporting between 600-900HP depending on turbo options. To reach anywhere near these numbers MANY things needs to be upgraded. That goes without saying.